Halloween Turf Dancing Battle

Halloween Turf Dancing Battle

All Star Judges, Main Battles, Intermission Performances

Saturday 2/22

12:00 pm (event ends at 6:00 pm)

The New Parish

Oakland, CA


This event is all ages

$10 cover before 1:30pm, $15 cover after

Halloween Turf Dancing Battle
Halloween Turf Dancing Battle
"Come peep some of the hottest dancers from around the world battling it out for a shot at the title prize. Featuring dance styles such as turfing, krumping, tutting, bonebreaking, jutting, and many more. Bring your own flavor for our 2 on 2 All Styles Battle, signups at the door."
All Star Judges
1. Boogie Frantick
2. Dennis Infante (GroovMekanex/MuthaFunkers)
3. Money B (Playboy Zinc)
4. Knowbody Sac
5. Head Turfin Pioneer
Main Battles
Ladia Yates (first girl in a main battle) vs. Android
Chonkie F. Tutz vs. Project
I-Dummy vs. C Bass
E-Ninja vs. Ace
Krow vs. Optimus
Strobe vs. Oasis
Zeus vs. Shez
No Noize vs. K-turbo
Phat Boy vs. Ellatron
Leftside vs. Wesley
Yukk vs. Iso
Intricate vs. Young Project
Intermission Performances
-Raka Iggi (of Los Rakas)
-A Mo
-Mexican Quebradita
-Academia de Bail All Star Dancers
Venue Information:
The New Parish
579 18th St
Oakland, CA, 94612